HSH Design & Build

From vision to design

Design and construction
The expertise of Home Sud Home's "Design & Build" division transforms every stage of the construction or renovation project into a smooth and seamless experience.

Sought-after architecture

The home is the ideal representation of our deepest desires, our innermost dreams. Custom design, therefore, becomes a fundamental necessity. Home Sud Home deeply understands this essence, listening carefully to your visions to turn them into reality. The fusion of modern design and Mediterranean tradition takes shape in the hands of our "Design & Build" team to bring to life the home you have always imagined.

Care and dedication at every stage of construction

During the execution phase, our relationship with you becomes even more intense. We are committed to keeping you constantly informed about the progress of the work, offering timely and clear updates. Transparency is not just a promise, but an ongoing commitment to make sure the project stays true to your expectations and the agreed-upon budget.

Delivery and perfection in every detail

The importance we place on your peace of mind is our beacon at every stage, from dealing with paperwork to technical implementation. With Home South Home "Design & Build," your new home will be delivered "turnkey," ready to be experienced in every space. And if you wish to add a personal touch in the furnishings or finishes, our team of experts is ready to assist you, guaranteeing flawless results on time.

Maintenance and enhancement

We are committed to further enhancing your space, creating elements such as pools, gardens and outdoor spaces that reflect the magical Mediterranean atmosphere. And to ensure a worry-free experience, Home South Home offers comprehensive and timely maintenance services, ensuring that every corner of your residence is always in perfect condition, even in your absence.